About Us

The word extendo comes from Latin, meaning “to extend or increase”. This refers to our service – extend your car warranty and increase your driving pleasure.

We have been on the Estonian market since 2020 under the name Extendo Insurance. Extendo Insurance OÜ is an insurance agent registered at Finantsinspektsioon (Estonian Financial Supervision Authority). The insurance provider (underwriter) of the solutions we offer is Estonian branch of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB (Seesam).

Our team members have long-term experience in international insurance and digital solutions. We decided to establish our company because we wanted to offer the best service in the industry!

Extendo Insurance guarantees:

  • We help you solve your car problems, so you can focus on what is really valuable in your life: we give you time for your hobbies, family, and simply for enjoying life.
  • If you want to sell your car, we’ll give you a quality marker to indicate that the car has been taken care of in a timely manner.
  • You can continue visiting the service dealership you prefer – we will help you ensure your car is always ready to drive.
  • Even in the farthest points of Europe, we are nearby and ready to help!